Resources & Standards

Text and Positioning

Text must stay within specific guidelines and a certain range of fonts, including:

Arial Tahoma
Helvetica Century Gothic
Futura Franklin Gothic
Verdana Calibri

Sign text must be formatted in UPPER CASE in either bold or regular, but not italic. Any text stroke should be 15% of the text height at maximum. Text height must be between 5/8″ and 2″, and must keep 1/8″ space between lines of text. The color of the text must be in contrast to the background or base plate.

Pictograms and Tactiles

A sign’s baseline should be a minimum of 48″ from the floor, and no more than 60″ off the floor.

Pictograms have a maximum height of 6″ and must also have a color in contrast with the background or base plate.

All tactile elements have a minimum height requirement of 1/32″. All Braille finishes must be rounded domed.¬†Braille text must be transcribed to United States Braille 2. Braille text must be spaced a minimum of 3/8″ from English text, and should be placed between .025″ and .037″ from the base of the sign