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Custom ADA Signs

We have state-of-the-art equipment in our facility to help bring your vision to life. ADA Signs shop is here to help with production and fulfillment.

All ADA Braille signs will be checked against ADA guidelines when submitted and notified of any errors. We ask that you submit design files in 1:1 scale, or with appropriate scale measurements and details included.

To start your order and receive a quote tailored to your project, fill out our order form and attach the applicable files. We’ll get back to you within 7 business days.

General ADA Sign Requirements

In order to ensure your sign meets all ADA requirements, the following list includes general guidelines to remember while designing your custom ADA signage.

  • ADA signs must have a high-contrast background and text colors, such as a blue field with white text
  • Interior signs require tactile or raised and braille letters for the visually impaired
  • The text must be in a Sans Serif font, font styles without additional features, such as Arial
  • The tactile font must be uppercase and between 5/8″ and 2″ tall
  • All text must have a minimum 3/8″ space from the edge of the sign
  • Individual characters must be spaced apart at 1/16″ or 1/8″ minimum and 1 1/5″ maximum from each other*
  • Signs must be placed at least 48″ from the ground measured from the bottom of the lowest text
  • Signs must be no higher than 60″ from the ground measured from the bottom of the highest text
  • Braille lettering must be placed below and centered to all text with a minimum of 3/8″ space between any other sign elements including sign borders

For detailed information on the Americans with Disabilities Act and specific requirements, visit the official ADA website, or our resource guide 

*Character spacing requirements vary depending on letter crossings, height, and stroke width.

DISCLAIMER: Customers are responsible for ensuring ADA compliance for any fully customized signs ordered.

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    Do my signs need to have braille?

    Not always. We will double-check against government standards that all Braille and spacing are correct if necessary.


    Is there a minimum or maximum order amount?

    We will be able to fulfill any amount of custom signage you need. If we have any questions or concerns, we will use your provided contact information to get in touch with you.


    Where do you ship to and from?

    We ship to all 50 states and U.S territories in the the U.S.


    How long will fulfillment take for a custom order?

    Thanks to our in-house design and production capabilities, all custom orders have a turn-around of 30 days.


    How can I get a prototype sign made?

    Include the necessary information in your custom order form and state you would like proof of production.


    What if I upload the wrong file?

    For custom orders, we will work with you to get proof of production-ready before your final order. If you have any concerns, email us at or chat with our online assistant.

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